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:: BTTG flowers are integrally grown, harvested & arranged with loving care ::

We gather annuals, perennials, biennials, shrubs, trees, vines and grasses from our gardens all around the farm to craft our unique & delightful seasonal bouquets...

We’ll put together a one-of-a-kind bouquet or special arrangement for you in lovely colors & scent, full of what’s blooming right now.

Whatever your flower need may be, our bouquets are uniquely just right for the moment!

Flowers always make people better and happier. They are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.

~Luther Burbank

Bouquets are $5.00 & up*, from little faerie nosegays to large arrangements for events. Our average size & best selling bouquet is $15.00*.

We have a selection of glass vases to choose from if you wish, sometimes helpful for gifts or events~  most vases are $2.00-$4 extra, please ask.

*Please note that NYS sales tax charged on flowers

We also create dried flower arrangements & garlic braids in November & December from flowers we grow in the garden, carefully hang to dry & combine with dried wild flowers, seedpods, grasses & branches gathered from fields & forest around the farm. Each is accented with a dropped feather collected from our birds through the years ~ chickens, guinea hens & peacocks.

Our ‘Borealis Everlastings’ flower bouquets are beautifully wrapped & make unique, local, natural & sustainable gifts! They keep well for about a year, after which they can be composted to return to the earth:)

-Borealis Everlastings-


Grown & wild-gathered

in field & forest

at our organic family farm…

carefully dried & arranged,

with joy & Love.


Bouquets are fragile,

yet can last a long time if

kept tied together

& out of direct sunlight:)


Thank you kindly for

choosing beauty from our

gardens & the natural world!

Peace & Blessings


Winter Light Bouquet, $

Manxy helping me tie garlic braids, December 2013.

And for all I know he is sitting

there still, under his favorite

cork tree, smelling the flowers

just quietly.

He is very happy.

~From The Story of Ferdinand, by Munro Leaf

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To order a bouquet, please call or text Linsay at 602-6011 & let me know what size bouquet you’d like & any specific color or design wishes.

Prices depend on flower type & size of the bouquet. You can let me know how much you’d like to spend & I’ll create a bouquet for that price.

Our gardens abound with exuberant flowers that please the senses and provide abundant forage for pollinators. Flowers are essential expressions of grace and hope, as all seeds are born of flowers, all plants born of seeds and all food has its origin in plants. Flowers embody extraordinary energy!

I like it better here

where I can sit just quietly and

smell the flowers.

~Ferdinand the Bull

Love is like a flower, you've got to let it grow.

~John Lennon

Current Blooms

coming back in April 2017!