Our plant list is not fully updated for 2016--- new plants are added to the list often, please check back

All of the plants we offer are planted in McEnroe Organic’s excellent perennial mix or potting soil. Most are from Certified-Organic seed, or have been divided or propagated from plants growing on the farm or in gardens where I work. They have been routinely fertilized with organic fish & kelp from Fedco Organic Grower’s Supply in Maine. We have never bought any new plastic pots, instead chosing to reuse since there are so many already in circulation, and they are not readily recycleable. We nurture our plants with lots of care & Love xoxo

*Check out the BTTG Links page in the section “Seeds & Organic Growing Supplies” for a list of great LOCAL nurseries that carry OMRI Certified organic products- potting soil, fish & seaweed emulsion, Neem oil etc.*

Kindly Note: These plants are guaranteed to grow in your garden under conditions of normal & reasonable care (not neglect!) If they don’t after two weeks, we’ll replace them with another of the same species (though we won’t always have the same variety). 

Plant prices

~annuals in 4” pots, $3

~annual 4-packs, $5

~perennials in 4” pots, $4

~gallon perennials, prices vary

~Annual Hanging Baskets, $20

~various other plants of different sizes priced individually

Vegetable Starts:

Herbs, Annuals & Perennials:

Anise Hyssop


Chives (purple flowering)

Chocolate Mint

Comfrey (perennial medicinal, spreading. Loved by bees!)

Egyptian Top Onions/Walking onions (heirloom, self-sowing biennial)

Greek Oregano (wildly spreading!)

Hops (vine)

Horseradish (wildly spreading!)

Lemon Balm

Spearmint (wildly spreading!)

Thyme, Creeping

Apple (wooly) Mint

Sage, Common (culinary)

Shiso, Japanese Basil (annual, prolifically self-seeds if you let it... don’t!)

Sweet Annie, fragrant annual artemesia good for bouquet filler & drying

Tulsi/Holy Basil

Tansy (perennial)

Allegheny Vine, (native biennial; delicate, enchanting climbing vine. Self sows.) $18

Asiatic Lilies, ‘Blackout’, ‘Cancun’

Oriental Lilies, ‘Stargazer’ (fragrant)

Bouncing Bet (Soapwort)

Obedient Plant

Milkweed, Asclepias purpurescens, Purple-flowering

Yarrow, Common (white flowers)

Hostas, solid bright green leaves

Phlox, bright pink or white

Lychnis, Maltese Cross

Shasta Daisy

Siberian Iris (Blue)

Yellow Flag Iris

Spiderwort (deep purple flowering)


Geraniums, pink or red flower

Geraniums, heirloom rosebud (Apple Blossoom, Pink & Red Rosebud)

Geraniums, scented ‘True Rose’

Geranium, scented ‘Strawberry’

Shrubs & Vines




Spirea, pink flowering 

Spirea, ‘Blue Mist’

Climbing Hydrangea

Hibiscus/Rose of Sharon (perennial shrub, pink & purple flowering)

Raspberry canes (summer blooming/fruiting, perennial)

Trumpet Vine


Fig, ‘Celeste’, 1/5’ in pot, $20

Fig, White; large- producing figs, $45

Fig, Brown Turkey, small in pots, $15

Fig, ‘Hardy Chicago’, $20

Mulberry, $15

Japanese Maple (red)

Assorted others

Houseplants Summer outside & winter inside (not hardy here)

Avocado (sprouted tree)



Clivia, orange flowering

Geraniums, Pelargonium spp., (winters inside & continuously blooms!)

    Regular varieties: Zonal & Martha Washington, Pink, red, white,

    Rare Heirloom varieties: ‘Appleblossom Rosebud’, ‘Pink Rosebud’, ‘Red Rosebud’, $12

    Special varieties: ‘Crystal Palace Gem’, $12 Balcony Acapulco in hanging basket, $20

Geranium, Scented ‘True Rose’ or ‘Strawberry’, in terra cotta pot, $14



Mother of Thousands, Kalanchoe

Oxalis, purple

Peruvian Lily, Alstroemeria

Plectranthus ‘Mona Lavender’ aka Purple Flowering Mystery Plant (our favorite special salvia that hummingbirds love, winters indoors beautifully & blooms in winter!)

Spider Plants, variegated green/white striped or solid green

    Spider plant hanging baskets


Walking Iris (tropical)

Meyer Lemon

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We specialize in growing & propagating unusual, native & edible plants in a

down-home, down-to-earth way...

We use locally-sourced, Certified-Organic perennial planting mix as well as our own farm compost, we re-use pots & we offer our plants at reasonable prices.

With every plant purchase, you can choose one free plant from our plant adoption section to plant at home or share!

Plants are my passion! Being around them, knowing them, receiving their grace and wisdom and helping make more of them!

Over the years I’ve found how much I love to encourage people to grow plants in their home gardens, and now Back to the Garden is able to offer more plants than ever for your garden...

To set up a time to come shop for plants, please contact Linsay at (914) 602-6011, we are open every day by appointment.

Please note that NYS Sales Tax is charged on all plants.